August 4, 2014
Douglas Nordfors

Because world war, the idea, the execution,
officially spawned 100 years ago
today, today

I will think like a trout, and head
upriver, even
under countless layers, perfectly smooth, of ice

I will keep going, thrashing through underwater
rapids, resting at times, not content,

on reaching the place where I will
lay one egg,
and not two, and certainly not three.

Douglas Nordfors has a BA from Columbia University (1986) and an MFA in poetry from The University of Virginia (1991). Since 1987, he has published poems in major poetry journals such as The Iowa Review, Quarterly West, Poet Lore, and several others, and many other smaller journals, as well as, more recently, new and upcoming online journals. He has published, with Plain View Press in Austin, Texas, two books of poetry, Auras (2008), and The Fate Motif (2013), and has taught writing and literature at Milton Academy, The University of Virginia, James Madison University, and Germanna Community College.