Green Tea
Bradley Samore

As I write in my notebook with its yellowed pages
yellowed not from age but from the green tea I spilled
I remember pulling it from the flood
dripping and limp
then setting it on the porch to dry

I remember finding it the next morning
wrinkled and wavy
the pages rustling like dry leaves

I remember sitting on the couch
not knowing what to write
just sitting there with a blank page
the faint smell of tea still on it

Bradley Samore currently lives in North Carolina and is a high school English teacher. In 2016, he was chosen as Beginning Teacher-of-the-Year in Palm Beach County, Florida. Bradley previously worked for the Spanish Ministry of Education as a culture and language assistant in Asturias, Spain. He has been published in SLAB Literary Magazine, Avalon Literary Review, Star 82 Review, and Words Apart.