The truth how God spoke

When I was little
God always stayed in the dark.
I never understood why
he liked it so much.

He didn’t talk
and I wondered if
he had ever whispered a word.

One night, I said to him
“Let there be light”
but he put his head down,
opened his mouth
and I saw his
tongue was cut off,
his ears, his hands,
his feet, too.

He hadn’t walked in a long time,
but had learnt how to count
and cried
five hundred years of tears;
all pouring from the East
over the ruins of churches—
failing to reach the Vatican.

I took one of my dolls,
removed its limbs
and put them on God.
Then I carried him
in my bed
and promised him
the light would shine

Aida Bode is a poet and writer from Korca, Albana, whose works have been published in a variety of online and print magazines including Prelude, Allegro, Dr. Hurley’s Snake Oil Cure, Vayavya, Prolific Press, Boston Poetry Magazine, The Yellow Chair Review, and more. She’s also the author of the well-received novel David and Bathsheba, based on the biblical story of King David and Bathsheba. Her writing style is characterized by a poetic sense with a deep philosophical outlook on events. Aida holds an M.A. in English and Creative writing from Southern New Hampshire University. More information about Aida and her writing can be found at