Billy Collins
Erren Geraud Kelly

Tried to get a ticket to
The reading, but it was sold out
So, i settled for watching his
While i snacked on nachos
And beer.
I read another rejection letter
Earlier, i kept thinking
Maybe if i wrote “safer” poems
The New Yorker would love me
But the only safe place is in
My mind.
I tried to eat Osso Busco once
But i kept thinking about the
Tent cities, strung along
Sixth street.
I want to be P.C., but everytime
I write polite poems,
I see dead black bodies
Floating between the lines

Erren Geraud Kelly received a B.A. in English-Creative Writing from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. He loves to read and travel, having visited 45 states, Canada, and Europe. The themes in his writings vary, but he has always had a soft spot for subjects and people who are not in the mainstream. But he never limits himself to anything, and always tries to keep an open mind.