Jan Ball
Aussie Ants

Rebecca Beardsall
Quakertown Trolley, est. 1898

Annie Blake

Kat Bodrie
Recipe for Oatmeal

Charles Cantrell
Open as a Blackberry

Damon Falke
With His Hat Pulled Low

Jack Freeman

Michael Galko
By the Starlight Café

B.N. Graves
Morning Song

Maximilian Heinegg

Andrew Marshall
What the Ravens Know

Stacy Boe Miller
Long After Harvest

Rich Murphy
Cave Dwelling

Matthew Murrey

George Perreault
February, Glenn County

Kimberly Priest
The Chickens

Ned Randle
Swan Upping on the Thames

Alyse Richmond
I Promise Not to Eat You

Jordan Sanderson

Marc Swan
The Happy Baker, 520 King Street, Fredericton, December 2016

Robert Earle
Getting Through the Day

Ann Stewart McBee
Full Arrest Narrative

C.A. Murray
A Morbid Sort of Anecdote

Phyllis Zimmerman
Winchester Mystery House: A Monologue

Jane Katims
An Opening Through Time

W.P. Williams
His Armchair

Bredt Bredthauer

Dom Fonce