José Angel Araguz
Old Man in a Rocker

Tara Ballard
Behind a House

Ace Boggess
“Do You Want to Be a Burden?”

John Dudek
After My Grandmother Thought to Throw Herself into a River

Alejandro Escudé

Brian Fanelli
An Autumn Prayer

Anna Harris-Parker

M.A.H. Hinton
An Un-Finisher

Betsy Johnson-Miller

Richard Jones
After the Rain

Erren Geraud Kelly
Billy Collins

Bethany Reid
Let It Come More Easily Than That

JC Reilly
Caddo Lake Elixir

Dale Ritterbusch
The Natural World

Zack Rogow
Even Shakespeare

Maura Way

Ann Lowe Weber
I’m not sure what you were thinking

John Sibley Williams
Field Sermon: Reenactment
Field Sermon: Renunciation

Brittany Ackerman
Modern Life

Elisabeth Dahl
Level Up

Kemal Onor
The Great Wolf

Cree Pettaway
While I Was Out

Terese Robison
“Even One Note Can Swing”
TWO Plus

Isabella Ronchetti
Sociopaths Don’t Cry

Dayna Patterson
Post-Mormons Are Leaving

Matt Muilenburg
Destructive Acts on a Budget

Jillian Bauman

Sandra Hosking

Diego Luis

Kristen Vander-Plas